Food truck The Rolling Om

Quality & Artisan Real food

All of our products are hand-crafted by The Rolling Om workforce. We use the best local and seasonal ingredients to create a healthy and innovative menu and commit to supporting the use of organic, free range, eco-friendly and sustainable whenever possible. The suppliers to The Rolling Om are an integral part of our business. We acquire produce of high standards from local farms, small producers and our own garden.

Environmental matters Consious

The celebration of sustainability and using what we have goes into everything. Our food truck was renovated by local artist Chris Reddington using, as much as possible, recylced materials. Food trucks are forced by their nature to conserve resources like water and electricity. All of our packaging are either recyclable or compostable. Food waste is delivered back to our compost. In turn, the compost is used to grow more food. It’s a circle of life sort of thing.