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Sensory and entertaining dining experiences Ubu Nights

By partnering up with the Free Theatre Christchurch, we would like to invite you to a serie of Friday Ubu night events 'where performance is combined with hospitality in ways that is described as Pataphysical'.

The evenings combine theatre, music, film and hospitality to curate a sensory experience for audiences. There is no better way to enjoy the work of some of Christchurch's leading theatrical talents than up-close-and-personal at one of our dinner performances. We begin with a unique "Ubu Night" theme or set of ideas we wish to explore. A delicious and seasonally-inspired menu is styled to match the look and feel of the evening and relates to an artist, a story, a time or a place.

Starting by reviving the Twin Peaks Cherry Pies from the Double R Diner in David Lynch's quirky 1990s television series, we moved on to cooking a special Mock Turtle Soup with the Mad Hatter. We have also served a multi-sensory dinner at the Andy Warhol factory; we created an extraordinary culinary concert of food, fleeting poetry and jazz using the spiritual quest from the Beat Generation; and we Manuka smoked some pork ribs and tofu in an old French oak wine barrel, inviting our audience to meet the devil at the Crossroads, as part of The Cavell Leitch New Zealand International Jazz & Blues Festival. These are only a few examples demonstrating the ingenious way in which food can be woven into stories.

The close collaboration with the Free Theatre gave us the courage to think about our engagement with food in an entirely different manner. Food is used as a powerful lens through which we explore the intrinsic connections between taste, smell, memory and storytelling. There is a sort of inspiring magic that comes from combining performance and food!

Ubu Nights are quite unlike anything else - anywhere! Events are advertised on a weekly basis. Notifications about upcoming Ubu Nights will be posted here and on our Facebook page and Instagram. The food is served from 6pm at the Gym, the Art Centre of Chirstchurch.